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Financial Policy

Dear Patient,


First and foremost, thank you for taking this journey with me. Healthcare has changed and I remain committed to my role as a healer, prioritizing your health and wellness, and providing superior medical care. These goals are sadly incompatible with the insurance model of healthcare that now exists in the United States. I propose the alternatives here and hope that we can find something mutually beneficial and respectful. 


I do not currently - and have no plan in the future - to contract with or accept or bill insurance (except Medicare). If you have Medicare benefits, please see the Supplemental Medicare Policy.


When referring to "visits", a visit includes any of the following: in-person, home visit, Zoom, email, text, or consultation on your behalf with another treating provider. A visit would also include a letter written on your behalf or the completion of a medical document or form. 


As you may already know, I simply do not answer phone calls so if you are trying to reach me, please use my email or text.                 


FEE SCHEDULE OPTIONS (please select one):


1. MONTHLY FEE: A monthly fee of $200 will be charged per person per month regardless of access or visits. This monthly fee will accrue after an initial one-time set up fee of $150. (The first month would therefore be $350) This monthly fee can be discontinued at any time after 3 months with no penalty. There would be no additional fee for visits. You may request a super bill to submit to your insurance for your convenience.


2. PER VISIT FEE: There would be an initial $350 consultation fee for the first visit. Follow-up appointments will be billed at a variable rate based on the time needed, from $75 to $300. Again, a super bill can be generated for your submission to your insurance payor.





My services and expertise have expanded over the years. Below are ways I can be of service.


Primary care:

Providing comprehensive medical care for any concern across the life span focusing on the entirety of the person. An integrative practice at the core, I have always recognized health as a function of lifestyle, personality, history, genetics. 


Psychopharmacology and mental health management:                                                                               

I am available to see patients for the sole purpose of prescribing for and treating mental health diagnoses including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. You would or could maintain your primary care physician and in this role, I would serve as a consulting provider. 




I am proud to partner with Sunset Hills Acupuncture in providing acupuncture for low back pain to Medicare patients. Sunset Hills Acupuncture offers a diverse array of services including supporting appropriate patients with plant medicine and herbology!


Medical review and advocacy:

Review and synthesize records and provide interpretation of current issues and recommendations for further consideration. I take pleasure in helping patients better understand medicine as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool for themselves or for family members. If I may be of service in reviewing outside medical records and providing you with discussion, explanation and/or recommendations, I am happy to do so. In this role, I would not be a treating physician but rather acting as a consulting physician, resource, or advisor only. It is your responsibility to collect and forward all necessary and relevant records and documents.


Adult diagnosis of autism:

I am obtaining the necessary certification and experience to better provide adults with an autism diagnosis should it be warranted. I will certainly announce, with fanfare, when I am ready to assist patients on this journey.





I expect patients to keep an insurance plan. My services are in addition to your current insurance plan.

  • I do have the ability to generate super bills. I do not have the ability to submit them to insurance companies for you.

  • The exception to this is Medicare, I do remain contracted with, and can submit to Medicare on your behalf. Please see the Medicare Supplemental Policy for further details.

  • All prices, schedules, and updates are subject to change moving forward, and I welcome your feedback and input.

  • Other than Medicare services, payment is due in full at the time of service unless otherwise discussed. I can accept cash, check, Venmo (@swanekamd), Zelle or credit card payments.


11/30/2023 The California Medical Board Law AB 1278 states, "The Open Payments database is a federal tool used to search payments made by drug and device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals. It can be found at

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