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Payment Options & Insurance Information

Do you accept insurance?

I am contracted with Medicare only and do not accept or bill any other insurance for your time with me. 

Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

No, unless you are a Medicare beneficiary, then the monthly fee is simply an option. Medicare beneficiaries, please see the Supplemental Medicare Policy for more information.

Can you provide a superbill?

I am happy to provide you with a superbill at your request.

How much do visits cost?

Fees are based on time and complexity of care. Please see the Financial Policy for specifics.

Are there any additional costs?

Labs and other diagnostic tests (throat culture, vaginal culture) are not covered under your visit fees but can be submitted with your insurance information as a courtesy to you.

Why pay a monthly fee?

A monthly fee respectfully balances time and expertise that may not be needed on a routine basis but is yours when you need it. It helps curate in-depth relationships with every patient, allowing 24/7 access and visits that are not rushed. Please see the Financial Policy for monetary specifics.

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